Learn how to create a successful, empathy-driven workplace culture using The Emotional Culture Deck

The Emotional Culture Deck is an insanely simple card based tool for structured, face-to-face conversations about workplace culture. In the Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass you'll acquire the knowledge, language, tools, and processes needed to lead powerful one-on-one and group conversations about culture.


Explore why emotion matters to

successful, high-performing workplace

and team cultures


Explore the difference between values

and emotions within team culture and

why you need to focus on both (not just one)


Discover how to increase empathy and

human connection within teams


Uncover a human-centred way to find

out what drives and motivates the

people in teams


Learn how to plan and implement an Emotional Culture Workshop effectively within your or your clients organisation

Don't miss out.

Only 20 spots available.

About the creator of The Emotional Culture Deck

Jeremy Dean

I'm the Founder of riders&elephants – a leadership company based in Wellington, New Zealand but working with leaders worldwide.

I'm slightly obsessed with F-word conversations in the work place. I help leaders reimagine the way they get their people and customers.

I believe that organisations that put empathy and human connection at the heart of what they do create measurably better workplace cultures and customer experiences.

What's involved?

The Masterclass will be highly interactive.

It definitely won't involve PowerPoint.

You'll learn by doing and experimenting.

I'll take you through The Emotional Culture Deck as if you were a team of leaders and people (employees) that I was working with.

At the same time, I'll talk you through my philosophy behind human and empathetic cultures and The Emotional Culture Deck.

Who should attend?

Previous Masterclasses have brought together inspiring people leaders looking to deliver even better results by creating a more human, empathetic and inclusive workplace culture such as:

• HR Managers

• HR Consultants

• Change Managers

• Agile Coaches

• Business Owners

• Leadership Coaches

• Culture & Capability leaders

Why only 20 people?

With conversation-style training rather than lecture format - the Masterclass creates an intimate environment, delivering better conversations, deeper engagement, and opportunities for tailored learning.

People have told us that having a a smaller number of leaders has been on of the most enjoyable aspects of the Masterclasses so far. Who are we to argue?

Here's what a few recent Masterclass attendees had to say about the session

See what people are saying about our Masterclasses we ran in Toronto and Chicago...

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Who's using The Emotional Culture Deck

The Emotional Culture Deck is being used by over 10,000 leaders worldwide. Here are a few of

those inspiring organisations.

We'll leave the final word to some other Elephant Riders who have completed The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass

"This has been quite possibly the most insightful course I've done all year."

"I loved we got real world practical skills - I can directly apply to my context. We got practical tools and a framework for application to take away. Meeting and working with people who are also interested in this stuff was a refreshing change from cynical engineers!"

"Such a great course - thank you Jeremy Dean. The cards and the system are so easy to use, however your extra insights and input from the group has really added that extra level of understanding. I highly recommend getting on one if you want to add a bunch more skills, and applications for the cards, to the tool box!"

“The Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass was by far one of the most valuable workshops I have attended. I have spent some much time learning about how to make a change in workplace and my team, but have failed to actually reflect on what is important to the people. Since the workshop I have put rituals in place in my own life to reflect daily on what’s important to my own success — so helpful. Thank you Jeremy, what a inspirational morning with such a great bunch of people.”

“The sense of play made the masterclass more engaging, inspiring and practical. The cohort of fantastic leaders to learn and grow with. The simplicity.”

"A wonderfully thought-provoking session. Reflecting on this session has helped me connect with my personal ‘Why’."

The Emotional Culture Deck is designed by riders&elephants.

Proudly made in New Zealand.

See more of our work and tools at www.ridersandelephants.com

Or email [email protected] for more info.